For the first time in print, the mysterious transformation process of Standing Meditation is revealed. An in-depth look at Zhan Zhuang’s relationship to health and healing, internal martial arts and Tai Chi, and expanding consciousness.


11 Responses to INSIDE ZHAN ZHUANG – Mark Cohen

  1. Al says:

    Hello, I have bought the book and it is excellent reading for many reasons. In the QiGong class we do some ‘standing post’ meditation. The real practice is at home though, not in the class. What we do is approox. 10 minutes loosening up joints, the approx. 15 minutes ‘taoist’ mediatation to relax followed by a series of 6 exercises that has to do with energy, and only after that we do a ‘standing post’ meditation (tree hugging) for some 10 minutes. At home I go up to 30 minutes so far.

    I have a question about a procedure which I think is not expressely described in the book. It is about how to get, how to start, a zhan zhuang session. The way we do it in class is nice, but that takes a lot of time. And unfortunately time is a concern in order to assure regular neigong practices. Can you please share some information about how to start a zhan zhuang session, what exercise, etc, to do right before ? Or do you start right away without any preamble ?

    Many, many thanks for the wonderful book.


  2. Eric Zimerman says:

    Great book! Can you advise what the weight distribution % is for the front and back weighted tai chi cultivation postures?

  3. Miktiuoselo says:

    Mr. Cohen: a small group of people and I are practicing the noble art of Zhan Zhuang. We also have a small library books both real and digital. The group is called “The Trees Still” carefully and we ask that we donate his book “Inside Zhan Zhuang”. We should be deeply grateful. If you choose to send it via e-mail to do so
    If you want to physically send it, please tell me in the same e-mail to send you my address in Mexico City.
    Beforehand whole group and especially, we thank you from the heart.

  4. Jonathan Brand says:

    Dear Mr. Cohen,

    Greetings from the UK. Thank you so much for this brilliant resource. I have found it very instructive in my practise. I was wondering if you could recommend some music to listen to when standing. It would be much appreciated.



    • Aloha Jonathan,
      Many years ago I used music to help my stand.
      My suggestion is to pick music that makes you feel relaxed and/or good.
      I mainly used music to mark the length of my stand.
      One side of a CD might equal 30 minutia etc.
      Hope this helps,


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